Tuesday, May 9, 2017

$68 million for a Single Visit; Document shows Saudi Arabia Welcomes Trump and his Hatred for Saudi Muslims by Dollar Carpet

President Donald Trump plans to visit Saudi Arabia in his first foreign travel after taking the office. The travel is planned as a threefold visit at the different religious centers; Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Vatican.

Recent reports show that the costs of the travel are so staggering that the local officials refrained from answering the questions about it. A document, however, leaked into the media showing a confidential letter about the expenses of the travel.

According to the letter signed by Salman bin Abdulaziz, the king of Saudi Arabia, the Saudis will welcome the American president using more than $68 thousand. The letter shows that the Saudi officials are planning for prestigious and splendiferous parties for Trump and his family on his trip.

Expending $68 million for a single political visit seems neither reasonable, nor popular. The Saudi royal family seeks to boost its private business with America. As a businessman, tycoon and political power, Trump will be a good choice to talk with and have the preparations made, of course behind the scene.

This is while Trump detests the Radical sects of Muslims and has had multiple tweet about Saudis expressing his aversion for them. Trump’s tweets also reveals that his main plan for Saudi Arabia is to loot its rich resources of oil and wealth. 

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