Monday, May 1, 2017

55 out of 60 Promises not Kept; Trump’s 100-Day-Function Disappoints his Own Supporters

Michael T. Flynn

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environmental rules

On Saturday, Donald Trump experienced 100th day of his presidency. The touchstone of the first one hundred days is important as it is the first criteria to assess a president.

Donald Trump’s 100-day performance was approved by the least rate of people compared with other American presidents in the modern world. His controversial claims along with racist and hasty bills led to multiple protests since his inauguration.

Barack Obama’s approval rate was 69 percent while the disapproval rate registered for him was only 26 percent. Trump’s record can only be compared with bill Clinton as the next president with such low approval rates. He had an approval rate of 55 percent. The best approval rate is recorded for John F. Kennedy with 71 percent approval.

Approval rates of the US presidents after 100 days.

Trump’s cabinet are experienced, but outside government and executive jobs. They are mostly chosen from the previous relations in business. They also don’t have the diversity expected by US society. The number of women and other races in cabinet is much lower than his predecessor. His cabinet were casted with a historic number of “no” in senate which shows an unprecedented opposition against him there.

One of Trump’s main focuses was to undo Obama’s regulations and dismantle his legacy. He cancelled 45 rules so far and failed to cancel two including the Health Care. Cancelling environmental rules decided by Obama were among the most controversial ones having led to massive protests across the US. His proposal for cutting the budget of Environmental protection Agency by 31% infuriated the activist fighting the climate change for years.

According to “Contract with the American Voter,” 60 promises were made by Trump to be realized in his 100-day plan. The fact checker shows that only 6 promises were kept so far and 34 were neglected totally. 5 promises were broken and 15 underway after 100 days.

Hundreds of misleading claims were made by the president leading to loads of criticism. It began on the first day of his administration when his claims about the inauguration crowd surprised the media.

He did not make achievements in filling the key positions in his first 100 days either. 84% of the 556 key position (468) are still vacant which may lead to destructive outcomes for the country. His campaign’s connections with Russia also made harsh controversies leading to resignation of Michael T. Flynn, the former National Security Adviser.

Donald Trump is still the president of the US and the destructive force of his administration needs time to spread enough; it’s only one hundred days. The experts believe the country must expect harder days under the administration of Trump.

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