Sunday, March 5, 2017

Keith Olbermann mocks Trump’s leak confusion: If they are making up stories why are you searching for leaks

Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Keith Olbermann was shocked that President Donald Trump left his “cocoon” of followers on Tuesday night to speak before Congress, where he has many detractors.

“Six weeks into his presidency and he has already silenced almost all stimuli coming from outside that cocoon,” Olberman said. “The evidence that could tell him the truth: that more Americans disapprove of him than any other incoming executive since such polling data has been compiled. That efforts to remove him from office are already coalescing and sharpening. And especially, that much of his own administration has shown signs of turning on him.”

Those camps, Olbermann explains are those working to clean up his messes by simply working around him and those who are working to undermine him with leaks and on-the-record contradictions.

“Trump cannot hear this,” he continued. “Literally, can not hear this. He needs to be loved, worshiped, obeyed. That’s why there is a cocoon.”

He went on to describe all of the flubs in Trump statements about people overwhelmingly supporting him and explained that those likely came from people lying to him about positive things that make him happy.

Olbermann then mocked Trump’s hypocrisy criticizing so-called “illegal leaks” when he spent as much as 164 times in one month quoting Julian Assange or Wikileaks while on the campaign trail. He cited the recent case of press secretary Sean Spicer taking the cell phones of White House staff to see if they were leaking to the press.

“It contradicts Trump’s mindless assertion that the news media just makes up stories about him,” he said. “If they are making stories up about him, why are you checking who is leaking those stories.”

Watch the full video below:

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