Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Not My President’s Day Celebrated in USA

It started with paying tribute to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln but later on it turned into paying tribute to all the presidents of the country. However, what came on 20 February of 2017 was not a surprise.

The Americans celebrated this year’s Presidents’ Day as ‘Not My President’s Day’ by protesting all around the United States. In the New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington, mass demonstrations against Donald Trump took place. It is the era of ‘building bridges’ and ‘not walls’ was the slogans of the protests.

They denounced his polices while labeling them as harmful for the United States. These policies have resulted in an increase in hatred for him globally. Apart from these protests, at the American Embassy in the Mexico City as well as in different cities of England witnessed mass demonstrations.


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