Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bernie Sanders trolled Donald Trump and the internet once again felt the bern

Bernie Sanders brilliantly trolls Trump on Twitter after president claims 'biggest of them all' rally

Donald Trump responded to something he didn't love by lashing out with... Yes you guessed it, a tweet.

Pause for reaction.

Many Hollywood actors and directors decided to swap their annual Oscars party for a demonstration, showing solidarity with refugees and, in turn, protesting the Presidents controverial immigration policies.

We're assuming that the Tweeter-in-Chief is still reading some FAKE NEWS, because he reacted with:

People quickly made the obvious connection between Trump's ill-advised tweet and his own poorly-attended inauguration rally.

But nobody steps up to the plate like Senator Bernie Sanders...

The tweet does not end in a -B, so it's unclear whether it was Sanders or a staff member who composed it.

Nevertheless, it's from his official account (which has over 4 million followers) and it's brilliant.

That bird clearly taught him the best way to tweet...

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