Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Can Ivanka Trump Hide from the Rumors Any Longer?

In a photograph published on January 1996 by Getty Images, the then 15-year-old Ivanka Trump can be seen sitting on Donald Trump’s lap at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida.

Aside from Ivanka and Donald Trump, his wife Marla Maples is also seated on their left.

The photo has since gone viral this month, with some speculating that Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump’s father-daughter relationship is disturbing.

The website Winning Democrats noted that Ivanka Trump looked like she is “grinding on her boyfriend’s lap.”

It also noted how Donald Trump has been vocal about dating his own daughter, and even asking random people if his daughter is hot. He also said in front of the morning show that what they have in common is sex and even groped her at the Republican National Convention.

“It seems that Donald’s creepy obsession with Ivanka Trump began when she was very young,” the report noted. “It’s just…disturbing. Surely you’ve seen them and surely they’re emblazoned on your mind.” 

“The latest to emerge, however, could be the worst yet, because it’s Ivanka who seems to be the one truly enjoying herself … a little too much.”

But Snopes said the photo does not show any evidence of malicious doing. The photo just shows a daughter and father who seemed to be enjoying a concert together.

It said that Ivanka Trump’s malicious grinding on Donald Trump’s lap can be proven if the photo was accompanied with additional photographs.

“While late-night comedians have frequently mocked Trump for having an improper relationship with his daughter, those accusations is all based on speculation rather than solid evidence,” the report said.

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